Asexuals: Facts on the Mythical Creatures


A look into a demisexual’s experience.

(While this may true for some, it may not for others. Keep that in mind)

It was suggested by my teacher that I change the name of my comic, in case I wanted to branch out from it and do more autobiographical comics (since it has started to become that in a way)  So its “Not My Division” since I thought it fit (you’ll notice the url still has the old comic name influenced in it though <3)


 I also created this new tumblr for presentation reasons for class. That way all my WIPS are not in the way and people can view just the comic itself on there.

I will still be posting WIPs here but for the final comic pages I will post them on there :>

I understand it is different for everyone but this is my experience. (please just keep that in mind when you read this)

This is actually really informative, but do you know any comics/shit ___ hear for pansexuals?

I do not but I would be interested in reading some if anyone knows of any?  (aaah also I really hope you don’t mind me posting this in case someone knows…)

Just a few previews of the pages I’ve been working on, so you know I didn’t die.

Like the earlier Anon said, I've heard several times the thought that asexuals are missing out in a major way on something "beautiful" or "wonderful." Someone even told me that a life without sex must be utterly colorless, since passion is the fire that keeps life burning.